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About the Project

It has become increasingly challenging, in the age of multimedia to encourage children to read.  This is exponentially true for slow readers who find the process of reading difficult and tiresome.  Audiobooks have proven to be a valuable tool that opens up the world of books, and creates an opportunity of discovery, for those who have previously been excluded. Many Special Education classes in America have already integrated Audiobooks into their curriculum. In addition to using Audiobooks as a co-reader and an ultimate pathway to boost reading skills, Audiobooks have also been used as a stand-alone tool that exposes students all the enriching content that books provide.

In Israel, the potential of audiobooks has yet to be discovered.  The Israel Audiobook Project aims to kickstart that process.  We aim to select a great books, find an exceptionally talented voices, produce the audiobooks at the highest level, and distribute it for free to all Special Education kids for whom it is relevant.  Free distribution to all special Education students along with teacher support will enable thousands of Special Education students around the country an opportunity to experience the joy of finishing a book.  


'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' was our pilot book to give students and educators a window into the power of audiobooks.  We have followed that up with nine more books, one aimed at Ultra Orthodox students, and they include classics as well as new titles.  The project's goal is to replicate the model of the PJ Library, distributing a book per month to kids in Special Education. The project will turn into a resource empowering students and providing educators with easily accessible classic books to help students develop and succeed. 

Having gained access to the world of books through audiobooks, it is our hope that students will explore their eligibility to take advantage of the existing resources for the handicapped such as the The Central Library for the Blind in Hebrew and Almanarah in Arabic.

We believe that many students who are not in Special Education can benefit tremendously from audiobooks as well.  Israel Audiobook Project will raise awareness of their potential and help raise a generation of students whose lives are enriched by books, both that they read, and that they hear.  

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