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Our Team


RASHI KUHR is a school psychologist serving the school system in Israel for the past 20 years.  He assesses the eligibility of children for Special Education Services and provides consultation and guidance to teachers and parents enrolled in Special Education. He runs the Psychological Services in Maaleh Efraim and is working on adapting a new intelligence test for Israeli children for the Education Ministry.  He is also a slow reader.  The advent of the ipod as a mobile platform for audiobooks changed his life and turned him into an avid, vociferous "reader".  He believes that many smart kids do not reach their potential because the main vehicle for learning is reading.



MICHAEL SALTZMAN has 10 years experience launching and organizing complex digital initiatives particularly in the biotech field. He has become a true audiobook believer as an alternative route for everyone to learn and explore when one's hands are busy but their mind are not. Michael realizes the power of an audiobook as an alternate educational route and gateway to the amazing book world especially for those who struggle with reading. He is excited about being part of a project to help others reach their potential and enrich their lives through audiobooks.


Leehee Feldman is an attorney with years of experience and expertise in legal and corporate counsel  of complex technological projects in both the public and private sectors.  She has principally focused on solutions to enable the integration of technology within legal, social, and corporate  frameworks.  Seeing the importance of integration of these worlds, Leehee believes that there is a great need for personalization of pedagogical methods available to modern companies, to the world of education as well.   It is from this ideology and the will to enhance the educational  toolbox available available to today's students, Leehee has joined the Israel Audiobook Project. She believes in the importance of raising awareness of the utility of the use of audiobooks, and hopes to be instrumental in the creation of a technological platform that will enable hundreds of thousands of students to access the world of books.


OFRA KAPLANSKI is a curriculum planning expert and she was a regional supervisor in the area of language instruction and a supervisor for reading readiness and the promotion of library use among Special Education students for the Ministry  of Education.  She served as the director of the Center for Supervision for teachers of Special Education students (The Secial Education Division  of the "Pisgah Center") in Jerusalem.  Ofra will serve as an advisor to the project and will assist us in choosing appropriate books.

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