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Project Partners


The goal of the Israel Audiobook Project is to give Special Education children their golden entrance ticket to be swept in the world of books. The Project distributes the Golden Tickets in the form of a FREE Audio Book to help those with reading difficulty or learning disabilities enter their amazing new world of books. 


This project was made possible via the support and cooperation of wonderful people and organizations including.


The Roald Dahl Estate who have supported the project from its inception and grated the rights to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for the benefit of students in Special Education in Israel. 

  • Kinneret Zmora Dvir Publishiing House Ltd who donated the 2014 translation of the book for the project. 

  • Israel National Library For The Blind And Reading Disabled

  • David Higham Associates

  • Almanarah who produced the audiobook both in Arabic and in Hebrew out of their studio.

  • Kehilat Darchei Noam whose members have joined forces to bring the Israel Audiobook Project to life. 

  • Chaim Valder who donated the first book of his bestselling series "ילדים מספרים על עצמם"

  • The Deborah Harris Agency who help us obtain the rights to books through publishers oversees.


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